When You Need Mobile Truck Repairs and More, You Need I-5 Fleet Services!

Here at I-5 Fleet Services, we are committed to fast repairs and even faster responses for all heavy-duty vehicles. We started as a mobile repair service in order to keep up with the mobility of our customers and the variety of their schedules. We will thoroughly inspect and fix your semi-truck, trailer or recreational vehicle. Additionally, we also service horse trailers, boat trailers and camper vans. If we can’t fix your trailer on the spot, then our talented machinists will repair it inside our shop.

As a 24-hour service, we are available at all times to take your call and arrive at your location and provide our unmatched roadside care and repair services. Whether you’re stuck in the driveway or stranded by the freeway, we will take your call or message and quickly arrive at your location. So why wait?

Contact or call I-5 Fleet Services today if you’re stuck and in need of expert mobile truck, trailer and RV repair!

I-5 Fleet Services